Our history

“La Torre” was founded in 1925 by Lucia Massolini with her husband Attilio Pasini, grandparents of the current owner and winemaker Attilio Pasini, taking advantage of the spaces and land of an ancient 16th century farmhouse, built on the morainic hills of Mocasina , a hamlet of Calvagese della Riviera, a town in in the hills near Lake Garda, home of the native Groppello di Mocasina grape. The name derives from Via Torre, the road which got its name from the imposing tower which stood there in the Middle Ages to monito the valley below the river Chiese. A militarily strategic place for its wide, beautiful view; in fact, the whole Via Torre runs along the first morainic ridge by age of formation.It is a family-run winery which, for 94 years now, has been dedicating itself, with passion and creativity, to the production of wines that best express the potential of Lake Garda’s fruitful land, in full respect of nature and winemaking philosophy that has always distinguished us. Our aim is to be able to create authentic, each vintage being unique and unrepeatable, and to let you understand, sip by sip, the commitment, the efforts, the passion and the emotions that this splendid and ancient craft transmits to us. We also have a small olive grove from which we obtain a high-quality Lake Garda oil. We produce a small quantity, just enough for our family’s annual use and to sell in our wine-cellar! 

Visits and tastings in the wine-cellar

Taste our wines in the peaceful setting of the green morainic hills of Valtènesi, among ancient vineyards and centuries-old walls. Tastings that will satisfy all wine lovers, from those who prefer a simple but complete tasting to those who prefer taking their time to enjoy the whole range of our Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico wines combined with Lage garda’s best products

The beginning of a nearly 100-year-old history.

  • 1922-1925​
    It all began with Attilio Pasini and his wife Lucia Massolini buying the farmhouse and the surrounding 16 hectares of property, of which 6 are vineyards, 2 are forest and the rest dedicated to growing corn and wheat. This was in 1922, the year in which their only son Lorenzo was born. This is the almost casual beginning of a story where a woman is the main character, a fact that is quite rare for the time and the sector. And yet, it was great-grandmother Lucia, a strong and determined woman born in 1899, who wanted at all costs to buy, an old manor house and the attached vineyards which a notary was selling to pay gambling debts at a very low price. That is how she and her husband became passionate, in a very short time, in the cultivation of vines, winemaking and everything related to the world of wine, to such an extent that in 1925 they founded “La Torre”.
  • 1951
    Since the 1940s, my grandfather Renzo, son of Lucia and Attilio, has dedicated himself with passion to learning the work of a winemaker, without neglecting the financial and managerial aspect. Having first graduated as agricultural expert in 1940 and then earning a Master in Agricultural Sciences in 1951, he immediately began to apply technical improvements in the vineyard and the wine-cellar and increased the vine hectares to 9.
  • 1979
    Attilio (my father), third of Lorenzo's three children, born in 1960, follows in his father's footsteps, also graduating as an agricultural expert at the Pastori technical institute in Brescia. Since he was a boy, he has made significant changes to improve the quality of La Torre wines: spontaneous grassing between the rows, thicker planting patterns and low production per vine. The result was a drastic reduction of the quantity produced to the great advantage of the final quality of grapes and wine. Attilio fell so much in love with viticulture that in 1982 he obtained the diploma of wine technician, which will then be equated with the title of winemaker (oenologist) by the Italian Ministry for Agricultural Policies on 11 May 1998. He increases the vineyards hectares to 13. Always a staunch supporter of Groppello, a grape that was still being snubbed and replaced by the usual international vines, he proves to be a lover of autochthonous vines. Now the philosophical evolution of various wineries and the growing consensus of consumers make it clear that this was the right way. In addition, he was the pioneer of late harvesting and drying techniques of Marzemino grapes, a practice that has never been used on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, but which is now catching on.
  • 2015
    Winemaker Attilio, son of Lorenzo and nephew of Attilio Pasini has a son who, guess what…he will call Lorenzo! This tradition of reusing the names Attilio and Lorenzo has lasted for more than a century, already from the end of the 19th century with the death of my great-grandfather Lorenzo. I like to interpret it as a handover from generation to generation. A sort of legacy of roles, and responsibilities. For those who have not yet figured it out, I am the last Lorenzo, the one behind the computer who is telling you, broadly speaking, the history of “La Torre” winery from 1925 to today. I graduated as an accountant in 2014, but since I was a boy, I have always dedicated time to learn the many facets of the trade, from the work in the fields to digital communication. I have been active full time for about 3 years, say from 2016. I mainly deal with the wine-cellar, social media, fairs and networking. I try to bring new points of view and innovative ideas, always comparing myself with my mentor, and dad, who has much more experience than me and from whom I still have a lot to learn. Anyway, the story is still long!

    I wish you a good browsing experience on our site. Lorenzo Pasini